Krisann took her first ride on Stella and her first time on a motorcycle. She had it figured out and took off in only minutes ripping up the street and around the block.
Here is the latest pictures of Stella. Just got her all ready for emissions last week then Arizona passes a new law that motorcycles no longer need emissions... FINALLY! So waited all this time for nothing. Took her out for a 5 mile ride to check things out. I will continue a few mile road tests for the next few days and weeks and start building up distance. Why you ask? The XS650 is a twin, and since I have dropped a good 100lbs from the bike it is light and vibrates just short of a bull running down the streets of vegas in a parade. Because of the vibrating engine, bolts loosen and parts become roadkill. 

I debated for a long time whether to even register it, instead make my own license plate or leave the entire bracket off. Many people don't realize that driving is a regulable activity requiring registration and the driver to have a driver's license. In the United States we have a constitutionally protected right to travel unencumbered. Because this is a basic right there is no permission required, i.e. I do not need a driver's licens or registration, etc. For more information on these FACTS check out my other website which deals with rights that have been stolen without permission by those we have elected to protect those very rights, or click HERE to go directly to the page on 'driving vs. traveling'.

After the Visual Fuel gauge was installed.
I apologize for not getting pictures of the progress and only showing the finished product.

Since my bike will have the old school look that means no speedometer**, gas gauge or anything. Basically everything will be stripped except the wiring to run it, start it, and keep it legal; i.e. headlight and break light. We can argue safety later. I rode a GREEN crotch rocket that was never seen. This bike will be heard far before it is seen.

Anyways I digress, a really cool feature is to have a 'visial' gas gauge. The steps was to order a couple NPT threaded bungs that I got from Bung King. Then some brass angles and clear tubing from the local hardware store. The total cost was at $16, much cheaper than a $36 kit.

XS650 bobber
Before picture of the tank - stock
The next goal was getting the tank mounted. Many guys out there just drill & tap the backbone tube. There were a couple reasons I would not go that route.

  1. It loses some of the integrity and strength in the backbone, which is VERY minimal.
  2. The main reason: these twins vibrate more than an ant experiences during an elephant stampede. As a result many gas tanks get cracks and leak. 

I felt the only option was the option my dad believed in as he would say, "Nothing should be done half a$$ or mickey mouse!" To over come the strength issues of losing integrity I got some blind bungs, meaning the bungs did not have a whole all the way through. I chose these because that way water could not enter the bung through the threads and get inside the frame. Here are the bungs I used, I used metric threads to match the metric bike. To overcome the sencond concern, I went down to the local hardware store and found some perfect grommets ans some stainless button hex bolts as seen in the pictures.

**Actually I will use an Android phone or iPhone as my speedometer with an app, I will create old school brass holder for the phone and wire in a charging unit so that I can have a waterproof USB charging port on the bike, but it will be hidden. Not having a speedo is legal, safe, and fine. I can gauge my speed based on other vehicles.
XS650 Engine Gasket
Got a new Engine Gasket Kit. Time to rebuild the engine. Debating whether to do it on my own, which I am fully confident that I can do, but not fully confident I will be able to make proper diagnosis in case there are any bad parts. Also got in the Front Wheel Bearing and Seal Kit that drastically improves the handling and sterring of the older bikes.

Wheel Bearing Seal Kit
Harley Davidson Headlight
I also got in this sweet headlight. I am not a fan of the obnoxiously huge lights many guys run, wanted something small. Was hoping this would be metal but it is ABS, some day down the road I will replace it with a full metal headlight cup so that I can leave it bare metal, not a fan of chrome, or else I would have bought and over-priced Darley Havidson. 

This light was ship from Thailand so it had some cool packaging and stamps and packaged with twine. Pretty interesting.

Thailand Shipping

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