There was a lot of bondo on the bike to blend everything... I mean everything. I can't find one weld or seem between a larger tube and smaller tube because everything was bondo'ed, ugh. Also, layers of paint. I tried sandblasting it at home in my garage with my sandbalster and it wasn't having it. I first tried Walnut shell, nothing, then silica sand, not much better.

Then I started hunting down chemical strippers. Found Xpress Stripping, LLC in Phoenix, AZ. These guys were great, husband/wife and son combo. $60 for the frame, $20 for the tank, and $15 for what was left of the fender after hacking it off.

I started realizing it more and more that I was growing separate from this frame. The flames weren't doing it for me, it had about a 6" stretch and I was really wanting that shorter bobber look with either a 0" or 1" stretch.  Also, the flames I was not digging, guess it isn't my thing.

Also, I knew I could part with this frame for about the price I had in the whole roller. I had done a lot of new work to it and really cleaned it up and had it stripped.

The hunt begins... stay tuned.

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