Here is the wiring diagram that gives me the simplest form of wiring. I adapted this one from others I have seen, there are a few slight modifications I will still make:
  • USB Charging Port will go to a wiring block so that I can run a few items off of a relay like the USB plug, RFID reader/ignition, ans anything else I need.
Feel free to comment on it, pick it apart or tell me needs to change. Click HERE to download it!

Also, here is a list of the electrical parts I used:
  • 1 - 4-6 bay fuse block
  • 1 - 20 amp fuse
  • 3 - 10 amp fuse
  • 1 - 7.5 amp fuse
  • 1 - Ignition switch (I used standard Toggle Switch)
  • 1 - Headlight switch, on-off
  • 1 - High/low switch, on-off-on for hi-off-lo
  • 1 - Brake switch
  • 1 - Kill switch push button (I used standard Toggle Switch)
  • 3' of green, black, & red wire 16 gauge
  • Shrink wrap to match wire color (red & black)
  • Assorted ring terminals
XS650 Engine Gasket
Got a new Engine Gasket Kit. Time to rebuild the engine. Debating whether to do it on my own, which I am fully confident that I can do, but not fully confident I will be able to make proper diagnosis in case there are any bad parts. Also got in the Front Wheel Bearing and Seal Kit that drastically improves the handling and sterring of the older bikes.

Wheel Bearing Seal Kit
Harley Davidson Headlight
I also got in this sweet headlight. I am not a fan of the obnoxiously huge lights many guys run, wanted something small. Was hoping this would be metal but it is ABS, some day down the road I will replace it with a full metal headlight cup so that I can leave it bare metal, not a fan of chrome, or else I would have bought and over-priced Darley Havidson. 

This light was ship from Thailand so it had some cool packaging and stamps and packaged with twine. Pretty interesting.

Thailand Shipping

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