So I got a great deal on a roller that was a wide rear hardtailed XS650. I purchased it with the hope that it would be my final frame decision. It came complete with the following:
  • Titled frame, hardtailed with 12" axle plate clearance, I can fit a 260mm tire with comfort.
  • Rear 160mm wheel/tire with disc and caliper
  • $300 Jackshaft
  • $180 Alien gas tanke w/a Crime Scene Speedster $230 gas cap, yes $230, you did not read that wrong.
  • $200+ 4" Brass Risers, painted black ( mine are much nicer and taller than the link)
  • Drag bars, throttle grip, cable, and levers
  • $180 Forward Controls
  • Plus more...
The way I brought her home!
crime scene speedster cap drag bars brass risers
This bike is at about $1,200 just in parts before we get to the frame. To get a frame hardtailed you are looking to spend about $400 for a wide rear tire. Of course this doesn't include a titled donor frame that typically goes for $300-$400. At about $2,000 to piece this all together as soon as I visited within 30 minutes of it being placed on Craigslist I made the deal regardless of its future fate with me. I saw a diamond for the price of coal.

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