Here is the latest pictures of Stella. Just got her all ready for emissions last week then Arizona passes a new law that motorcycles no longer need emissions... FINALLY! So waited all this time for nothing. Took her out for a 5 mile ride to check things out. I will continue a few mile road tests for the next few days and weeks and start building up distance. Why you ask? The XS650 is a twin, and since I have dropped a good 100lbs from the bike it is light and vibrates just short of a bull running down the streets of vegas in a parade. Because of the vibrating engine, bolts loosen and parts become roadkill. 

I debated for a long time whether to even register it, instead make my own license plate or leave the entire bracket off. Many people don't realize that driving is a regulable activity requiring registration and the driver to have a driver's license. In the United States we have a constitutionally protected right to travel unencumbered. Because this is a basic right there is no permission required, i.e. I do not need a driver's licens or registration, etc. For more information on these FACTS check out my other website www.begNOpardon.com which deals with rights that have been stolen without permission by those we have elected to protect those very rights, or click HERE to go directly to the page on 'driving vs. traveling'.

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