I finally got my wireless RFID Ignition setup bench tested and working, now it is ready to throw into Stella. It took a long time to figure out the wiring with about 60 different configurations with auto relays. Basically it is a RFID wireless system that is wired to a relay that latches open to allow the bike to be started. Once the bike is turned off with the kill switch it must be reengaged with the fob again. The fobs can be like in the video or as a card that goes in your wallet and even implanted into your hand... I'll share how that goes in the coming weeks ;).
1/12/2013 11:33:33 am

hey shaun,

i'm doing the same thing with my 72 xs650. any chance of sharing the wiring diagrams you're going with? here are a couple of things wiring diagrams i'm trying to work with:


8/23/2013 07:03:23 pm

Seeing so many great reviews of this "Wireless Ignition problems" blog, I thought I would also make a comment and let you know that I really enjoyed reading this blog. There are some strange comments, but for the most part I agree with what the other reviewers are saying.


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