I decided I did not like the lines of the stock pipes I had. They did not flow and the bends were too wide. I decided to make my own pipes. I must admit that this step was not nearly as difficult as I thought. I got away with one cut and weld seam. I then ground down the seam then cut the pipes to length.
So I realized that straight pipes are ridiculously loud so I decided to build some internal baffles while still maintaining the straight pipe design. I did some research and found some that you could buy but they were more for keeping the back pressure up but did not reduce the decibel level all that much.

With more research I found some forums where guys are building their own baffles and glass packing them. This creates the adequate back pressure while having the fiberglass to absorb the noise muffling it a few decibels. I may decide to do some tests of the decibels with and without the baffles to see what the exact difference is.
I installed the brass ends and then needed straps to mount the pipes to my bike. All the straps I found online were between $9-$30 and they were chrome, which this bike will have virtually none. I decided to go to my local hardware store and buy some flat stock brass and make my own. And then before installing them I shot them with 1000 degree rated paint. Of course they will be wrapped but this will protect them from rust and allow the ends that are not rusted to have a black on brass look.
5/31/2014 04:38:37 pm


I really love your build and your electrical diagram is gonna come in soooo handy. I have to ask though. The baffles, how much noise reduction is there? I like the look of straight pipes but the sound will get me pulled over within a week in my country.

Jason H.
5/7/2017 04:55:57 pm

How did the baffles perform? How was the back pressure? Is that 3/4" copper pipe? Very curious!


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