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So after having my '05 Kawasaki Ninja XS6R for over five years I decided it was time to get into a real bike, no offense to street bikers. I was ready to have something custom, a one-off that was genuine and unique. However I am happy with nothing from a showroom. The Harley guys who run around in there $20,000 chrome machines is no fun to me. I want something original, something custom, something purely SIMPLE!

So I decided to sell off my crotch rocket to build a bobber. After five years it was a sad day to see her ride off into the sunset. However I became fully funded for my new build project.

I decided on a Yamaha XS650 for the donor bike. I would use the engine, front end, and front half of the frame. The rest of the frame would be cut and ground off and a hardtail would be installed. That was the hope at least.

street bike bobber chopper
Ninja ZX6R

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