XS650 Engine Gasket
Got a new Engine Gasket Kit. Time to rebuild the engine. Debating whether to do it on my own, which I am fully confident that I can do, but not fully confident I will be able to make proper diagnosis in case there are any bad parts. Also got in the Front Wheel Bearing and Seal Kit that drastically improves the handling and sterring of the older bikes.

Wheel Bearing Seal Kit
Harley Davidson Headlight
I also got in this sweet headlight. I am not a fan of the obnoxiously huge lights many guys run, wanted something small. Was hoping this would be metal but it is ABS, some day down the road I will replace it with a full metal headlight cup so that I can leave it bare metal, not a fan of chrome, or else I would have bought and over-priced Darley Havidson. 

This light was ship from Thailand so it had some cool packaging and stamps and packaged with twine. Pretty interesting.

Thailand Shipping
So the 4" inch solid brass risers were obnoxious being so tall, however they go for about $250 new, maybe I could rebuild them to remove the 3" riser perches to be the right height so that I could keep the brass look. I love the old school brass, remember, there ain't no school like the old school. So here are the risers as stock height, beautiful. I may polish them, we will see.
Finally my Single Cap Alien Gas Tank arrived from Cycle X. I got it cheaper tahn anyone else had it while everyone else had it on backorder. I think the tank is perfect. It is an alien peanut tank from the 60's and 70's. I will get a brass cap for it as well.

So now the bad news. After I tried to put on the new front wheel I bought I realized it in no way fit, the width was off, the axle was wrong, etc, etc. I called up my buddy who I bought the bike from, he told me he believed it was all stock. After closer inspection i Saw Suzuki's little 'S' on all the bolts on the rotor and rim. Also, after a little more research I realized the whole front end except the triple trees were from the wrong bike, a Suzuki GS450. I also realized they were longer which meant a lot of the mockup welding that I had done was wrong as well. As you will see in the pics I had to put ratchet tie downs on the front end to compress the forks to get the right angles.

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