What happens when your ego becomes interference to your leadership? The sad part is because it is your ego you are blind to it... the only person that can see it is EVERYONE else! The question I ask is why does ego-centrism get in the way of well-meaning leadership? An egocentric person cannot completely empathize, i.e. "put himself in other peoples' shoes", and believes everyone sees what she/he sees (or that what he/she sees, in some way, exceeds what others see).

What is ego-less leadership?

I believe true leadership is truly egoless, as a matter of fact, my core belief says that true leadership is only based through a servant mentality. We 'get' what we want when we 'give' of what we want and need. I understand that may seem oxymornic but it does make sense (oxymoronic = oxymoron + stupidity). Let me say it this way, how much value does a fruit tree truly have? An ignorant man with large ego would take the fruit of his tree and sell it for what, a hundred dollars and feel rich? However, how is rich even defined but by the ignorant, that would try to actually define it by a monetary figure or time figure or whatever means of focal point, but it's all perspective, nothing more than a perception of value. The true leader would grab a few people that would be potential farmers teach them how to take the fruit of this tree and harvest not the tasty fruit but the ugly seeds within the fruit. They would skip the opportunity for the immediate vitamins, the succulent fruit, the tasty juice. They would take the seeds and learn how to germinate them into small seedlings then into an orchard.

Now the egoless leader sees the true value in a single tree. He sees that he can give of himself to train a few farmers. He understand the sacrifice of one season of his tree and training will yield several orchards.
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb
The best time to build a leader is 20 years ago, the second best time is now. - My own twist.
Egocentric Interference will gain you a bushel of fruit and the value is short lived. An egoless leader however has learned the skill of scalability, replicability, and how to create a limitless potential.

The egocentric leader will stand on his box and use his bullhorn to sell his bushel of fruit. However I am not interested in coaching people to that approach. In my practice I strongly focus on helping people become wealthy through losing their ego while maintaining their passion, purpose, and principles. Please do not be ignorant enough to limit wealth to just money. The wealthiest people in life do not always have the largest bank account. They have time for their family, they have a heart of compassion, etc. Wealth's true measurement is time... not greenbacks.

Be a change agent, not a bullhorn, no one likes you Mr. Bullhorn Guy.

What are you doing to invest in yourself? Do not think that because of  your leadership skills and ability to lead others you yourself do not need your own investment. Have you considered different methods. The far best method through empirical studies is discussed HERE.

Three things we must have:
  • Desire
  • Faith
  • Action

If you have a desire it will increase your faith. As your faith increases you are more willing to make the right action. The action then feeds the desire.

Napoleon Hill after studying 25,000 failures, he discovered the #1 reason for failure was inaction!

The wealthiest people in the world wait for times like now in a down economy to make the most money because the opportunity increases.

Inertia or the law of motion according to Newton’s law is that an object at rest tends to remain at rest, however an object in motion tends to remain in motion. I must make the actions that keeps my motion in line with what I am wanting in life.

What are you putting into motion? What, if you knew you could not fail, would you put into motion?

Safety for planning retirement, income, jobs, education, parenting, etc. has always been the essential focus to longevity. However, I would challenge that thinking in the category of financial income and wealth generation!

Job longevity is safe. This has been the long held belief, however we are seeing this change over the past decade. We realize that companies during large layoffs are not laying off the younger, fresher hires, they are cutting out the ‘fat’. They are getting rid of those who have the highest wages to pay the fresher recruits less money to get more out of them because they are more adaptable and open to change. It comes down to an income versus expense financial business decision. Now what if you have been there and learned a few specific skills over the period of 20 years then find yourself looking for a job, it may be tough. According to the U.S. Department of Labor job longevity is 3-5 years for people aged 18-38. Job longevity is not longer safe, it is the New Risky!

Skill sets and education is safe. This also has been a long held belief for being safe. Learn as much as a can, get a degree and experiences! What we are seeing now with our economy is the job market is washed out with educated skilled labor. More and more people are finding themselves hearing the dreaded words, “Sorry, you have too many skills OR too much education!” This has been argued that you should decide if it is too much, but employers realize your burnout will come faster if you are being underutilized for your skill set/knowledge or playing unfair to climb that ladder faster. Skill set and education is not safe, it is the New Risky and a large receipt on the wall!

Plan ‘A’ is safe. The is is one of the saddest long held beliefs for being safe. I will work for the next 40 years for 40 hours per week to retire on 40% of my income to last 4 years of retirement, Seriously?!? How the %$*^ is that safe or hopeful? We are already hearing that Social Security is now paying out less then what individuals pay in. It is a failed broke system and WAS NOT created to be a long term retirement plan, it was created during war times to help out those affected during those seasons. It is time for a plan B that you can work very hard for the next 4 years to retire when you want and how you want wherever you want. It’s not possible you say? Stop thinking safe and let’s talk or play the safe card and we can talk about how different our lives are 4 years from now.  Plan ‘A’ is not safe, it is the New Risky. 

Want a plan ‘B’ that will change your life? Click HERE to contact me.


When has no risk EVER been worth it? Yes we should sometimes be cautious and conservative, but if that is our primary default approach we WILL miss opportunities!

There is no money in skepticism. Say yes before no THEN evaluate instead of saying no and never evaluate! Clint Eastwood’s shoot first, ask question later doesn’t apply to winning in life!
98% of earners in the U.S. make linear income. This means that they are trading hours for dollars. This is everyone from the wealthy to the not so wealthy. Consider this, if you make $20 an hour or $200 an hour you still must trade one hard earned hour for that exchange of money. Although the exchange rates for individuals change based off their experience, knowledge, time on the job, education degrees, who they know, etc, the true reality is they are exchanging.  Bondage is defined as; involuntary servitude, subjected to some external power or control, personal subjection to the control of a superior. Now people’s reaction can be well im not controlled, I can quit my job and go elsewhere. Right, elsewhere is what? Another J-O-B (just over broke) to help build someone else's M.B.A (massive bank account) by giving them control over your time.

“Time is Money!” We have all heard it. Of course those who make more on the exchange rate (more money per hour), their time is typically a more precious commodity. I literally have friends on the linear income side of the fence that when I have asked to sit over coffee they have the audacity to say, “What’s this about?" or "What’s in it for me?" or "Remember Shaun, time is money.” Now that is fair I suppose... if I took a salt water fish and put him into non-salt water the longer he is in the fresh water the closer to death he becomes. The longer a linear income person is away form their work the closer to financial death they are. Sucks if you get sick, or heaven forbid want time to enjoy like a vacation.

The Salary Argument

I often hear from business colleagues and friends... “Well Shaun, It’s okay because I am salary.” My thoughts are how sad it is when a slave in bondage doesn’t realize he is a slave in modern day slavery. So you are salary and that is suppose to do what? My experiences show and have proven that you can no longer control your schedule, you now have no overtime (give time for free, blows a hole in the time is money concept), and work until the job is done. How is this ethical, in balance of life, or bringing wellness to any company or employee?

Linear income is nothing more than legalized modern day slavery that has evolved to be the burdensome stronghold for people. The only way to truly escape the bondage is to find residual income. This is being able to do the work once but keep getting paid for it. Imagine if you got paid every time someone cooked dinner, turned on their lights, watched TV, etc? When you are able to leverage yourself against an industry in that way your life truly life changes. 

You can’t have time and money while earning linear income. Think about this. If you want time off you either have to earn it (PTO - paid time off) through giving of time or get it as a sign on bonus or you take the loss and take time off without pay. Or you can make good money, but you are exchanging time for it.

Residual income breaks the chains of bondage because you now can do what you want when you want with the income still coming in to now truly build time and money together.

So the real question is how long are you going to keep doing what you are doing, exchanging time for money, while expecting different results, to someday have time and money? That is called insanity. Our government social security is broke both physically and monetarily. You are screwed if you are banking on that. The reality is if you want it you must make it. If it is meant to be it is up to me!  Most people are gambling in the biggest lottery ever called 40-40-40 Lotto. Give 40 years at 40 hours per week to retire on 40% of their income, this is pitiful!

Many people I know would like to know how to earn residual income, if that is you then click HERE to learn a little more about your options!

A Riddle For You

What 3 things can you do that cost nothing, but could cost you everything?
  • Dream
  • Believe
  • Try

How many people squander their dreams, stop or never even start believing and never commit to trying? Dreaming, believing, and trying are priceless yet costs nothing! What if the payoff of these three elements were HUGE even though it cost nothing? Now imagine the cost of NOT doing these three things, it could cost you, your family, even your future generations!

Life is a One Shot - No Do-Overs

The brilliance in each person is too grand to be ignored, suppressed or aborted! You are too great of a creature created for a masterpiece  Your life, too important, your responsibility, too great to NOT dream, believe, or try! You have a purpose that must be fulfilled. The wakeup check is no one else can fulfill your life masterpiece except for you.

Life mottos: "If it is meant to be then it is up to me!"

If Others Failed to Dream, Believe and Try What Would We Be Without?:
  • Space Travel
  • Computers
  • Cars
  • Televisions
  • Cell Phones
  • iPods, iPads
  • The Internet
  • Airplanes
  • Email
  • Text Messages
  • DVRs
  • Indoor Plumbing
  • So...... much more!

What If The Inventors And Visionaries Above Gave Up Or Never Even Got Started?

When Times Get Tough, Remember This...

Everything that is, ever was, and ever will be, began as a DREAM.

Everything this is, ever was, and ever will be, is because someone had the faith to BELIEVE.

Everything that is, ever was, and ever will be, is because someone had the determination, fortitude and strength to TRY.

My life tomorrow will never be like yesterday because today I choose to Dream, Believe, and Try!

On a recent LinkedIn Facilitators group the question was posed, 

"Great facilitation techniques for getting at organizational values? Hello friends, I'm collecting techniques for helping management groups of 10-15 get at their values. We do the "values" sessions as a part of the strategic/annual plan. I've approached it several ways but am looking for great ideas to incorporate. Thank you!"

I am driven by values [principles] and have learned that when we operate out of our principles we rarely ever have to banter back and forth on an important decision because our values become our compass and guiding light to that clarity. 

Here was my response:

I am not sure what you incorporate as part of your "values" sessions, but here is what I have found successful. 

I believe that organizational values are strongly tied to the cultural ethos which is strongly tied to individual values. Organizational and individual values tend to push and pull at each other, not negatively, but in sharpening and deeply connecting that individual to the organization.

STEP 1: So I will typically go through a personal values process to help the individuals identify their personal values. Then do some exercises with each other that teach them how, if we can make decisions based off our values, we tend to make BETTER decisions.

Step 2: Then if we take the individual values and start to ask how do those build the corporate ethos, the value(s) of the organization can start to be realized. Keeping away from general values such as Enron -  "Integrity. Communication. Respect. Excellence."  Drilling them deeper and making them personal; core values can't be faked... ask Enron. They must identify why their company exists, it's purpose, then decide what values embrace that purpose.

Step 3: Then as a wrap up, discuss how each person's individual values works within and through the organization's values. This brings awareness to how each person, although different, can own the values and live with and in them. If those values can be owned across the entire enterprise - purchasing, HR, marketing, etc. then you have the ability to create the foundation for value-based relationships with partners and customers that command trust and loyalty. This then directly ties to an increase in income and decrease in loss because employees and management begin to 'own' the company more. IF we as consultants/facilitators can figure out from a value direction how to increase ROI then companies are much more eager to hire us and bring us back for extended contracts.

Although there are over 20 theories of motivation, some including intrinsic motivation, incentivizing, needs theory, etc. The reality is that motivation comes down to the reasons a person has for acting out with a particular behavior in a particular way for a certain means. We may hear a commanding speech, a heartfelt compassionate plead that tugs at our heart, or a rally cry. All of these may be motivating. Many times the motivating intent leads to a demotivating action. Think of the time when the boss tries to rally his troops to move forward. In his/her attempt they uncannily make people feel bad because they haven't met the expectations of the leader. This typically is caused because standards and expectations were not clearly defined or accountability was not a system that was widely enforced. Many times employees or team members are released from their duties (fired) or moved on to another department, not because they couldn't follow directions or were not motivated, it may be due to lack of those expectations and no accountability. However, the leader feels they were not...

kaizen, continual improvement
Kaizen has for me, become a way of life, a core principle. It has made me better, more efficient, and more productive. I have used it in my coaching practice with clients and seen huge results when it is instituted properly. For some it is a better way to improve profits, for some to decrease waste... but what is it?

3000 ideas per day... or better yet, one million ideas per year is the amount of new ideas that Toyota implements per year. This explains why Toyota seems to be on a different playing field of their own. The truth is it is not about the cars. It is all about the ideas and the people with those ideas. Kaizen is all about small ideas, small improvements. These are not necessarily touchdowns after a 99-yard run but 2.5 yards every play over and over again to win the game. It is born of excellence.

Althought Toyota in today's view is not the most positive because of some of the recent safety issues, they led the way for many years. Why is Toyota worth almost as much as all the auto builders combined? The human element, the one resource that is the pinnacle of human creativity and participation. This pursuit of excellence is almost a taste of blood for perfection. The true meaning of Kaizen - continuous improvement. How does a guy, after World War II, W. Edwards Deming, change Japan and make them a leader of proficiency? Through the eyes of the ant, small but powerful workers that are all doing their own part to make the entire culture the most synergistic machine possible. The synergy that says the sum is greater than any measurement of the individuals.

The following information is also available more thoroughly here
Kaizen mindset rules. Every company employee is encouraged to come up with ideas – however small – that could improve his/her particular job activity, job environment or any company process for that matter. The employees are also encouraged to implement their ideas as small changes can be done by the worker him or herself with very little investment of time.

Quick and Easy Kaizen helps eliminate or reduce wastes, promotes personal growth of employees and the company, provides guidance for employees, and serves as a barometer of leadership. Each Kaizen may be small, but the cumulative effect is tremendous.

In simpler terms... good enough never is!

For the long definition of Kaizen with a little more of it's history click HERE.
What happens when someone fails by less than they use to, does it get noticed? If someone use to be consistently 30 minutes late each day and now they are only 15 minutes late do they get recognized for their 50% improvement? What about that person who makes everyone mad, but now only makes 25% of the people mad, does she get recognition for the 75% improvement?

Often times we notice those who have swam the ocean, ran across the country, or done a triple backflip summersault off a 2-story vault but fail to notice those who are failing by less. Is not kaizen about small improvements over time? 

Most managers admit they have a tough time viewing degrees of less failure as an achievement. Furthermore, if they do notice and want to say something they do not know how to say it without sounding condescending, sarcastic, or embarrassed. 

This is one of the best dust storms I have ever encountered in Arizona. I was born and raised in Arizona, and out of 30 years this was the most incredible sights of a storm rolling in. It looks like a wall of fire or something worse just rolling in. In a matter of four minutes the sky goes from bright to pitch black with about 30 feet of visibility and reported 60mph wind gusts.

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