So I met Cory Bucci out at Bob's today and came home with this 1980 frame:
I felt much better about cutting up a perfectly good frame to start with myself instead of buying one already built.
And this 1979 engine:
And these 1979 carburetors:
And this chrome laced rim and exhaust pipes:
So I went to look at an engine off of Craigslist in North Phoenix near 15th Ave and the Loop 101. Met a guy named Cory Bucci, owner/mechanic of Bucci Cycle Motorcycle Repair. He was selling an engine from an XS650, however it was a 4 cylinder instead of a twin. A wasted trip at first, then I realize this guy could be a great friend and resource. We talk an hour then decide to meet at Bob's Used Motorcycle Parts to see if we can find another donor frame and an engine that I can use.

Cory works out of his house and is very knowledgable with a degree in motorcycle repair. 
Contact him for work - 623-516-4930 or email him at
Good ol' Bob's
There was a lot of bondo on the bike to blend everything... I mean everything. I can't find one weld or seem between a larger tube and smaller tube because everything was bondo'ed, ugh. Also, layers of paint. I tried sandblasting it at home in my garage with my sandbalster and it wasn't having it. I first tried Walnut shell, nothing, then silica sand, not much better.

Then I started hunting down chemical strippers. Found Xpress Stripping, LLC in Phoenix, AZ. These guys were great, husband/wife and son combo. $60 for the frame, $20 for the tank, and $15 for what was left of the fender after hacking it off.

I started realizing it more and more that I was growing separate from this frame. The flames weren't doing it for me, it had about a 6" stretch and I was really wanting that shorter bobber look with either a 0" or 1" stretch.  Also, the flames I was not digging, guess it isn't my thing.

Also, I knew I could part with this frame for about the price I had in the whole roller. I had done a lot of new work to it and really cleaned it up and had it stripped.

The hunt begins... stay tuned.
Of course I went to work cleaning the frame up. Took off the rear fender and struts to show a more bobber look. Also removed the 4" risers and replaced with stock bar clamps, I like the lower look.
After that I removed some of the gussets near the neck. 

Upon closer inspection I found a bad weld that caused a crack on the frame. A quick grind out and reweld and good as new.
So I got a great deal on a roller that was a wide rear hardtailed XS650. I purchased it with the hope that it would be my final frame decision. It came complete with the following:
  • Titled frame, hardtailed with 12" axle plate clearance, I can fit a 260mm tire with comfort.
  • Rear 160mm wheel/tire with disc and caliper
  • $300 Jackshaft
  • $180 Alien gas tanke w/a Crime Scene Speedster $230 gas cap, yes $230, you did not read that wrong.
  • $200+ 4" Brass Risers, painted black ( mine are much nicer and taller than the link)
  • Drag bars, throttle grip, cable, and levers
  • $180 Forward Controls
  • Plus more...
The way I brought her home!
crime scene speedster cap drag bars brass risers
This bike is at about $1,200 just in parts before we get to the frame. To get a frame hardtailed you are looking to spend about $400 for a wide rear tire. Of course this doesn't include a titled donor frame that typically goes for $300-$400. At about $2,000 to piece this all together as soon as I visited within 30 minutes of it being placed on Craigslist I made the deal regardless of its future fate with me. I saw a diamond for the price of coal.

ninja xs6r sportsbike crotch rocket
So after having my '05 Kawasaki Ninja XS6R for over five years I decided it was time to get into a real bike, no offense to street bikers. I was ready to have something custom, a one-off that was genuine and unique. However I am happy with nothing from a showroom. The Harley guys who run around in there $20,000 chrome machines is no fun to me. I want something original, something custom, something purely SIMPLE!

So I decided to sell off my crotch rocket to build a bobber. After five years it was a sad day to see her ride off into the sunset. However I became fully funded for my new build project.

I decided on a Yamaha XS650 for the donor bike. I would use the engine, front end, and front half of the frame. The rest of the frame would be cut and ground off and a hardtail would be installed. That was the hope at least.

street bike bobber chopper
Ninja ZX6R

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